Hotel & Resorts Pest Control

Creating a great experience for your guests requires a pest-free facility. When you choose Mango Pest Control, you choose a leader in pest management for the hotel industry. Our team of skilled and highly-trained Technicians will work with you to ensure your guests are not inconvenienced and can enjoy their stay hassle-free and without worry.

Mango Pest Control Program Hotel & Resorts Pest Control
pest control includes:

Inspect and monitor key areas of your hospitality facility to prevent pest problems

Determine the location of any infestations

Develop treatment strategies to deal with pests

Provide clear written information regarding sanitation and structural deficiencies that will prevent any future pest issues

We eliminate existing pests as quickly as possible and identify structural issues that allow easy access for pests. If bed bugs are present in your hotel property, our scientific approach to extermination will eliminate them quickly.

In addition, our team will provide a next day, follow-up inspection to prevent loss of room downtime.

We can also provide free training products for your staff so they can quickly identify, contain and control rodent, cockroach and bed bug infestations before they multiply into a bigger problem.

Staff training is the single most important part of an effective bed bug prevention program. When your staff can identify the earliest signs of infestation, your company will be able to effectively, pro-actively and quickly respond.

Why choosing us?

When you work with Mango Pest Control, you’ll be partnering with a team that knows the regulations and requirements of pest control for long-term care and medical facilities.

We’re experts at preventative, early detection and treatment solutions that can save money and prevent larger infestations and patient disruptions.

We’ll work with your staff to provide solutions that won’t inconvenience your patients or their families.

Count on Mango Pest Control, the brand trusted by thousands of long-term care and medical professionals each month from coast-to-coast!